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35 Women Under 35 Management Today

This week my LadyM Meets interview is a little different. It’s a little special and here’s why. On Monday 6th July 2015 the latest “top list” to hit the business press focuses on women in business. Management Today name the top 35 women in business in the UK under the age of 35. It’s an award that is now in its 15th year, celebrate high-achieving women in business under the age of 35.

For this week’s LadyM Meets interview I got to interview one of the women named in this prestigious list. That woman is Rachel Montague-Ebbs and yes that’s right, that’s me! Woop! Sorry for the little dance in the chair moment there and I am not here to blow my own trumpet. I am just truly honoured to be featured with other amazing women who make the list. I’m talking entrepreneurs, designers, lawyers, bankers and senior civil servants. Past winners include Martha Lane Fox, Elisabeth Murdoch and Stella McCartney and I am so proud to be a within the Management Today 35 Women Under 35 list.

For at least two years out of the five that LadyM Presents: Business of Style has been in existence, I hid behind the LadyM persona. Not many people knew who ‘LadyM’ really was. I didn’t really do photo shoots, I wasn’t on instagram taking selfies and I was keeping my business life completely separate to my fashion blogging, fashion writer, editor-in-chief life.

35 under 35 Mangement Today

A La Redoute Brand Ambassador Photo Shoot

My Twitter feed is purely fashion, sometimes the occasional #worktrip picture but never talking about my day job. It is truly exciting to be named one of Management Today’s 35 Women Under 35 and I have achieved a lot in my career in the fruit industry. As well as blogging here, at the Huffington Post, being a Brand Ambassador for two major retailers and featuring on BBC radio; I am also the Supply Chain Director and Financial Controller of three fruit companies.

I have worked in various roles in the soft fruit industry (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries etc) since 2005. I used to describe my role to friends, when I was in international procurement, as like the “Man from Del Monte”. I used to travel the world, meeting suppliers, talking about their berries and choosing what to import. Since then I have developed the Supply Chain aspect of the business, help set up a new business in Spain and I now sit on the board of three companies within the same group.

35 under 35 Mangement Today

A Kaleidoscope Blogger Event; as Blogger Expert

Some may call me super woman. Others ask how I do it. I just simply don’t sleep much and I am very organised. The two industries I work in have never really crossed (apart from in the main image of this post, free strawberries!)  I love both as much as each other. Fashion is a hobby that has become almost a part time career but fruit gives me the thrill of seeing results, allows me to have the drive to succeed with projects and is always changing, you never know what might happen next. Blogging can be a lonely experience, whilst I work with an amazing team with my day job.  I have the best of both worlds and I love it.

35 under 35 Mangement Today

This isn’t the normal LadyM Meets interview with my standard questions. I’ll save that for another time. But what does the future hold? Another ten years in an industry that has been challenging, informing, fun and exciting? A progression into the fashion industry that I reckon would give me just as much bang for it’s buck? Who knows… there will be some great and exciting programmes happening here at LadyM Presents as my Business of Style aspect really takes off. So watch this space….

You can find more about both of my careers at

Thanks to all my readers and followers for all your support over the years, it’s meant a lot.

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