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5 Most Expensive Glasses from around the World

When I first started research on the said title, I was sure of the chances to fail. The idea seemed bizarre to me, who would spend SO much on glasses? Later when facts were unveiled, I had a strong compulsion to log on to tumblr and express the awkward moment when you find out that Gandhi’s glasses and sandals were auctioned for $1.8 million! But then I controlled that urge and decided to delegate the responsibility to one of my lovely readers.

5 Most Expensive Glasses from around the World

Without further ado, lets move on to discussing the five most expensive and chic glasses around the world and what makes them so pricey!

Google glasses


Google Glasses, made available to developers in the U.S. since February 2013, is a wearable computing device that has opened avenues to a new era of computers that are mounted in eye wear. The developer versions cost $1,500 and this does not include the lenses. However, the lenses soon became available and now developers shall be able to explore this recent market niche.

Magic Hour Collection by Sama


Sama is one of the world’s finest eyewear manufacturers. The magic Hour Collection by Sama is one most expensive glasses ranges from $2,500 and goes as high as $100,000. This eyewear is gem studded hence the price. The most stunning, breathtaking and of course expensive piece of the collection is known to be Trésor Trois, this extremely stylish and feminine frame is produced in palladium with 14K white gold with handcrafted gems of Peridot and Amethyst!

Gold and Wood


Gold and Wood style Prestige, is one of the most expensive eye wears priced at $55,000. The frame is manufactured with horn temples and 253 diamonds, out of which, 22 are princess cut!




LOTOS is a luxury brand and offers a wide range of gem studded and plain 18karat gold and platinum eye wears. The company’s philosophy is to make with care; the best gold eye wears along with adapting to the latest trends. The brand’s price approximately ranges between $1,500 to $65,000 and so has made up to the list of most expensive glasses.

Yves Cogan Collector


This eye wear costs around $10,500. The frame is made of 22 Karat gold with 136 diamonds embedded on it. It is an order only product that is custom-made and delivered within two months of the order placement.

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