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5 Scarves Every Lady Must Have

Let’s be honest, you probably own a lot of scarves. They are one of the best accessories because of their style and versatility, plus they’re pretty. The beauty of the scarf is also due to their being the ultimate accessory to your wardrobe staples. Similar to dark jeans, a plain white tee, and a structured blazer, all you need is a few key scarves that you can mix and match and pair accordingly to have the right look for every outfit! And I mean EVERY outfit.

Take Jessica Alba for example; have you ever seen her NOT looking fabulous in a scarf? One of the most recognized scarf-wearing-celebrities knows how to make an outfit rock with the addition of a single scarf.

Jessica Alba Scarf

Go Wild with Neutrals

Your classic wardrobe staples will always be in style. You can never go wrong with stripes, dark skinny jeans and booties. Enhance the neutral look with an animal print scarf. It adds flair but the look remains subdued.

Bright Scarves

Make it Match

Use your neutral wardrobe to its advantage. Wear your typical basics, but buy color pops in matching colors! Here you see Alba in a fuchsia infinity scarf to match her shoes and phone case. When your accessories match you can make a statement while wearing your everyday wardrobe staples. Keep in mind matching is key, choose one favorite color or a color that you look hot in, and stick with it!

Bright Scarves

Make it Pop

Nothing makes a stronger statement than black on black with a bright color pop. Rock this look with a bold and bright scarf that will flatter your skin tone all year long. The pop here is key; this is a look people will remember.

how to wear scarves

Keep Your Cool

In contrast to the black on black, try the white on white. This is a classic way to look chic and polished with very little effort and no need to buy anything new. Wear the wardrobe staples you already own, and add your neutral colored pashmina scarf to keep you warm and stylish. Here you can see Alba added a hat and nude pumps for extra style points.

Classic Scarves

Baby, it’s Cold Outside

Bundle up in a thick oversized scarf on cold days to stylishly smother your neck in warmth. When you’re all bundled up on top you won’t be as cold down below, allowing you to pull off sheer tights with a dress.

As you can tell, just a few key scarves can go a long way. Add these staples to your collection: an animal print scarf, a bold infinity scarf, a neutral colored pashmina, and a large chunky scarf, and you will never be wondering what to wear again. The key is mixing and matching. Adding a scarf to an outfit is the quickest way to look pulled together. You’ll never be cold, and you’ll look like a million.

There is a reason celebrities always wear scarves after all. Now you know their little secret.

This is a guest blog brought to you by Lisa Loperfido.  Images courtesy of stylebistro

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