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6 ways – how to stay stylish during a long haul flight

At the end of January I am going on a hot beach holiday. I shall be relaxing, unwinding and chilling out with my fabulous fashionista friend, Michelle. We are off to Hawaii! Awesome, but this does mean a long haul flight will have to get me there, so want to hear my 6 ways on how to stay stylish during a long haul flight?  

6 ways – how to stay stylish during a long haul flight

I have to admit that I really love travelling. Especially long haul flights. I know weird huh! But for me it’s all about a suspension of time. You can travel across many timezones, you don’t have a state of being as such and it’s my time to unwind, detach from my normal life and relax. I often do a lot of thinking, soul searching and planning when up in the air, and this time I want to do it in style.

For my trip I have found a few fabulous pieces that I shall be wearing dans Air Canada from and I wanted to give a few style tips for anyone travelling long or short haul.

1. Wear Comfortable jeans or joggers

Everyone’s version of comfortable is different. I love the Black ASOS tailored jogger with side stripe and have purchased these for my trop. The stretch waistband good for a bloat if the change in pressure gets you.

how to survive a long haul flight

They have a soft touch, lightly texture and are not a baggy jogger, you won’t feel scruffy in these! Once you’re back on the ground with these stylish, tailored joggers you can sport with flats by the beach or with heels for a night out. I love these Women Ladies Floral Tailored Joggers with Contrast Side Panel

2. Relaxed top or tee

I’m not talking a man-sized top or tee – just a more relaxed version of a standard top like this New Look Women’s Breton Stripe 3/4 Sleeve Striped Top. Stick with a white, grey or black colour. Stripes work well with the black trousers and long sleeve mean you will be warm enough mid flight. You can always roll them up if its warm on arrival. Loose fitting is good. You don’t want anything too tight when travelling.

how to survive a long haul flight

3. Big scarf that doubles as a wrap/blanket

This is the key to bringing the whole outfit together – and keeping you warm in overly air-conditioned airports and on the flight.

how to survive a long haul flight

Perfect to act as a pillow if needed, to keep you neck warm and to wrap around you – so functional for a trip, and easy to pack – great for chilly mornings and cooler nights when travelling to act as a wrap.

4. Flat slip-on shoes

With all the airport security you have to go through nowadays, I recommend shoes you can slip on and off easily, and ones that you don’t have to reveal your silly socks you have on that day!

how to survive a long haul flight

Ballet flats and loafers are your friend for slip-on, slip-off ease. And it’s possible to get a pair that looks good and is comfortable for outings at your destination. Plus if you feet swell during the flight, a good well worn pair of flats is better than trying to squeeze your feet back into a pair of boots! Suede Flat Ballerinas are always a winner.

5. Big overnight bag

I love a big bag for carry on. One that is large enough to house your essentials for the flight. Moisturiser, lip balm, face mask, bottle of water, ipad, good book and a notebook. Plus the scarf, the sunglasses, the spare clothes for your arrival, in case your bag goes missing.

how to survive a long haul flight

This is the bag I will be taking to Hawaii. It is super roomy, a zip top which is good for security and an awesome bright print. Other great options can be found at Amazon and I love the Karabar Ultra Lightweight Cabin Approved Bag, it’s a perfect size.

6. Big sunnies

Apart from the instant celeb-factor, they hide what those hours in a pressurised cabin without sleep have done to your eyes. Plus if you’re heading somewhere sunny, it’s great to have them to hand when you step outside into the bright sunshine.

how to survive a long haul flight

An extra tip is to make sure you stay hydrated. I don’t mean raid the drinks trolley when it comes past? Keep the water levels up. Your skin will thank you at the end of the flight and your head might be less fuzzy too!

What are your long haul flight tips? Share your secrets with us!

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