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9 Amazing Fitness Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Right Now

First published 17.02.2016 Updated 20.01.2018

Here at LadyM, we love a good Instagram account (and if we may be a bit cheeky, our feed is quite lovely – are we friends?) We love scrolling through photos of exotic travel destinations, sweet animals, and artfully foamed lattes.

Now, we all know that? What if you filled your feed with fit, driven, healthy women doing exciting things? Maybe some of their commitment will rub off on us!

9 amazing fitness Instagram accounts you didn’t know about


Is it possible to have a baby, keep up regular workouts and make delicious, healthy meals? Well, apparently Robin Long of The Balanced Life has found a way to do all of the above.

fitness instagramFollow her for: pilates and barre tips, easy + healthy recipes, photos of sweet babies.


Journalist and blogger Charlotte lost over 4 stone back in 2013 and started documenting it on her blog.  Her fear of wearing a bikini was finally dealt and she caught the fitness bug. 

I love her fresh approach to working hard in the gym and the behind the scenes of her first bikini fitness competition. 
Ginger at the Gym

Follow her for: real-life gym stuff, healthy living lifestyle and training tips 


Kate has been a fitness coach for 14 years and specializes in helping people become ‘fit for real life’ (not just looking great in a swimsuit). Her workout of choice is rock-climbing which makes for some amazing videos!

fitness instagramFollow her for: short videos that teach you stretches and strengthening moves, inspirational quotes.


Pole fitness is beautiful, sensual, and incredibly challenging. Sergia’s routines are mind-blowing; Once you follow her you’ll want to sign up for your first class – or at least start stretching more!

fitness instagram

Follow her for: impressive pole fitness routines, funny mini dance videos, photos of her husky pup.


Jill’s perfect biceps and shoulders are all the inspiration you’ll need to finally start weight training. Her flawless abs and glutes don’t hurt either!

fitness instagramFollow her for: weight training tips and videos, healthy meal ideas, envy-inducing travel photos.


Dana is proof that yoga isn’t just for teeny, tiny blonde women from California. Her poses range from beginning to very advanced, so there’s something for everyone!

fitness instagramFollow her for: short videos of interesting yoga sequences, and poses you didn’t know you wanted to try!


Claire is a mum of 4 and an amazing at home fitness bod.  She works out in a small space and has some amazing moves

Claire_Sparkes instagram fitness

Follow her for:  tips for staying fit while you travel since she works out in small spaces, home workouts and motivation


Eric has worked as a performance coach for 100+ professional American baseball players! His Instagram is filled with great drill videos and injury prevention.

fitness instagram

Follow him for: interesting drills that you won’t find at your gym, photos of his adorable twin baby girls, photos of adorable professional athletes.


This gorgeous gal’s striking Instagram account looks professionally shot and edited – really, really beautiful. Worth the follow just to see all her stylish running gear!

fitness instagramFollow her for: fitness style inspiration, running tips, even ideas for hairstyles that will keep your hair out of your face while running!

So has that got you inspired? Follow me on Instagram for positive mindset tips, social media strategies, a lot of coffee and the occasional fitness post

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