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BarkBeats monthly dog subscription box

Here at LadyM Towers, we like to mix our features up a little.  One week we’re at London Fashion Week meeting amazing designers, the next we are testing out the latest beauty treatment or finding out about THE florist you must have have style the flowers at your wedding.  Every so often something a little different comes our way.  This month I present my latest recruit to the LadyM team.  Now his cousin Ollie has written for us before, and it’s about time we had a new kid on the block, well when I say kid, I mean pup!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Angus to the team.  The beloved puppy of my best friend Becky, although he seems much bigger than a pup now.

BarkBeats monthly dog subscription box

I’ve known Angus since he joined the Ffrench household and he has been busy reviewing the BarkBeats monthly dog subscription box.

BarkBeats monthly dog subscription box

He was so excited to hear he would be getting to review these treats; so here’s a few words from Angus’ owner Becky…

BarkBeats monthly dog subscription box

Angus was extremely pleased to receive his Barkbeats box. The box was packed with different treats, a bright green squeaky toy and a dog bowl.
As soon as he saw the box he knew it was for him (clearly smelled good!) and sat relatively patiently while it was opened. His absolute favourite  treat from the box were the pub bake bites – delicious little baked goods.

BarkBeats monthly dog subscription box

He also very much enjoyed the Stanford snacks, and the training treats are a great size to take out on walks, especially as he is still a puppy (despite his size!) who reacts very well to small treats that can be easily stored in a pocket and used for bribery to behave well when out and about!

BarkBeats monthly dog subscription box

He is a big fan of a squeaky toy, so the Spunky pup toy was great for him. It seems to be indestructible as well – very useful for larger breeds of dog, who can often destroy toys and leave their owners worried about little bits of plastic!

Thank you BarkBeats, this box will keep him amused for a long time, and we will happily be ordering again.

So it seems we have one happy puppy and owner.  For a monthly subscription BarkBeats delivers a box containing a selection of toys, treats and grooming to your door every month. What’s in a typical box? Each month’s box contains a selection of five to six products customized to your pet’s size (small, medium, large). These may be toys, treats, healthcare and grooming products. How exciting is that!

There is free shipping and BarkBeats donate at least 10% of their profit to animal charity organisations which is just fabulous.

We have an awesome 50% off code so you can test out the BarkBeats monthly dog subscription box with your own four legged friend.  Just use the code LadyM50 at the checkout. 

Enjoy and make sure you post a picture of your dog enjoying their BarkBeats treats on Instagram – tag @ladympresents and @thebarkbeats and #barkbeats so we can see the fun it brings!


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