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Giving your feet a treat: how to maintain the glamour while ditching the heels

Whether you’re off to a fancy formal occasion or going out for a night with the girls, many women tend to reach for their high heels to add a final flourish to an outfit. While we love the illusion of longer legs and the confidence that comes with putting on a pair of heels, podiatrists agree that they are not the best choice for your feet or posture.

Flats have recently made a comeback, with actress Keira Knightley choosing to pair a prom-style dress with nude ballet shoes for her wedding to James Righton in Provence. If you’re looking to get in on the trend, are tall enough to do without or simply want to give your feet a break from blisters and bunions, below are a few tips on achieving a glamorous look without heels.

Choose your shoes

Just because stilettos are out don’t limit yourself to trainers – there’s a wide range of Clarks women’s shoes so fill your wardrobe with boots, ballet slippers and sandals. Get the fab factor from flats by picking out pairs with interesting patterns, textures and details – think bows, sequins, flowers or even skulls to make them really stand out. Achieve the illusion of longer legs that comes with wearing heels by opting for nude tones.

Ditch the heels

Open toe shoes with gemstones add oomph to any outfit, whether you team them with wide-leg trousers or structured miniskirts for daytime formal events, or with a patterned dress for a night out. Gold or silver sandals give a polished but neutral look to your party outfit while silver metallic flats with a thin matching ankle strap can give the illusion of heeled shoes. If you can’t face a completely flat sole, opt for a very slight heel to help with your posture and provide arch support.

Fit your flats to your wardrobe

With a bit of clever dressing it won’t matter that you’re not wearing heels. Find flats with the right cut for your outfit to avoid a mismatched look. Examine where the shoe cuts across your foot at the front (known as the vamp) and compare it with your hemline. Shoes with a low vamp that finishes near the toes are better for skirts or dresses that are knee length or longer, as this shape elongates the legs and makes you look taller to compensate for the extra fabric. Skirts shorter than the knee and long trousers work well with either high or low vamps, while cropped styles need shoes cut close to the toes.

Shoes for your shape

Low vamp shoes are typically the best bet for ladies with shorter legs, with the ballet flat being a perfect all-purpose leg-lengthening style. The intricate straps on gladiator flats can cover too much of your leg and make you look shorter, but they are ideal for taller ladies as they add an interesting detail without the extra height.

High Heels

When it comes to boots, knee high designs are flattering for those with long legs while ankle boots suit shorter ladies and work well with everything from shorts and miniskirts to long and flowing trousers or mid-length skirts.

By considering the shape, design and cut of your flats you can say goodbye to painful heels without sacrificing style and elegance.

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