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Get fit in style with ILU Fitwear

This month my gym closed it’s doors for good. No more LA Fitness of Tunbridge Wells, sad times after ten years of working out there. Next year it will re-open after a refurb as Pure Gym. In the meantime I need to keep my fitness up, especially as we head into 2016.. the year of the wedding!

So I am upping my game and forcing myself to get outdoors and get running. I’m also working out at home with a kettlebell routine, HiiT workout moves and trying to make the most of the local outdoor spaces too for some insane workout routines.

Get fit in style with ILU Fitwear

Rather excitingly I have also recently been sent some rather bright and awesome workout clothes from ILU Fitwear. There is nothing like a new P.E kit to get you a bit more motivated. Now yellow is not really my colour, but it does mean I can be seen on the roads when I’m pounding the pavement and the compression leggings are certainly helping me out on my longer runs.

Get fit in style with ILU Fitwear

ILU Fitwear was set up by Mary Moran, formally a city lawyer who brought her passion for health, fitness and fashion together into a new business concept, ILU Fitwear.

Our mission is to create beautiful pieces which lift your mood, suit your lifestyle and make you look fabulous, whether as work-out clothes or everyday clothes!   ILU…Your Colour, Your Style, Your Mood.


I always make sure I have a good stretch before my runs and afterwards. Dynamic stretching beforehand means I don’t run on cold muscles. I spent years not stretching before and after and it has really meant my legs have suffered. My knees are not up to a half marathon and I think it is down to the poor conditioning I did when I was younger.

Get fit in style with ILU Fitwear

In my fitness features here on LadyM Presents I have really promoted Hight Intensity Interval Training (HiiT) and I love combining fat burning moves in with my cardio sessions. The great thing is you can do these outdoors with no equipment needed, just your own body weight. It includes movements such as plyo pushups, box jumps and jump squats. The goal is to perform each movement as explosively as you possibly can and burn fat fast.

Get fit in style with ILU Fitwear

In this feature I am wearing the Signature Compression Leggings and Seamless Crop Top that have been gifted to be by ILU. I love the compression leggings with a mid-rise waistband for extra support and technical, sweat-wicking, soft feel fabric that mean a slick look when exercising. The seamless crop top is a treat, padded it give great support but being seamless means it’s easier to take off after a work out and doesn’t rub under the bust which can sometimes happen with some tight fitting sports bras. I love the bold colours, it certainly brightened up my workout and felt super comfortable. If you’re going to make the effort to workout, you might as well do it in style!

Get fit in style with ILU Fitwear

As well as having an Active Range, ILU Fitwear have a Calm Range for all your yoga and pilates needs as well as brilliant for relaxing at home or travelling.

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