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Jessops Academy Photography Courses

Last week I was invited to London to the Jessops store on Oxford Street to attend their Jessops Academy. Obviously I take a lot of photographs for LadyM Presents and I have always wanted to refine my skills and learn how all the functions on my Canon 550D work. The Jessops Academy taster course was perfect for me. A way to learn new skills, put them into practice and understand my camera, without having my mind boggled!

Jessops Academy Photography Courses

The Jessops Academy hold a great range of courses; whether you’re a first timer photographer or simply want to refine your skills or work on a specialism. You can learn all about Wedding photography, portraits, studio work, there are even courses involving big cats and birds of prey. The great thing is that the team are all about getting the best out of your camera. Ian who headed up the course for the day, told us he wanted to “take people on a journey, to get the best out of their camera”. That’s exactly what we did, from learning about how the camera works inside, to what the F Stop, ISO and shutter speeds are all about. Plus we took to the streets of London to test out our new skills – it was great to put a practical edge to the classroom learning.

Jessops Academy Photography Courses

“We don’t take pictures with our cameras, we take them with our hearts and minds. It is how we photograph not what we photograph, that matters” Arnold Newman

Jessops Academy Photography Courses

Testing out the variation in a low F stop compared to slightly higher – on Aperture Priority setting

The team on the day featured Ian, Owen, James, Victoria and the lovely model Anna. Each of the Jessops trainers had their own specialist area to talk to us about and it meant we were constantly focused on what they were talking about. We received a taster of the kind of session that they run at the Jessops Academy. Now most people these days are starting their photography life with an iphone (I know I am guilty of an instagram addiction!) but rather than this being the death of “real” photography, it is actually increasing the number of people who move on to using a compact camera, a bridge or a DSLR because they get the photography bug. So these courses are great at showing you how to get the best out of your camera and give you the confidence to use the kit you have invested in.

Jessops Academy Photography Courses

One of the courses that I am definitely going to sign up to is their City Tours Photography course. Taking a photographic tour around some of the UK’s greatest cities. I think it would be great to go and explore a city you haven’t been to before, and learn great camera skills at the same time. A great gift idea, or the perfect way to quickly and easily improve your own photography skills.

Jessops Academy Photography Courses

Testing out shutter speed and light settings!

Courses are run by Jessops’ highly experienced team of trainers, all outstanding photographers in their own right. Jessops Academy Courses last a full day (10-4pm) and prices start from just £119, or £79 when bought with any camera, lens or flashgun.

Jessops Academy Photography Courses

The Rule of Thirds – I aimed to get the sunflowers in a “point of interest”

In addition to the full day courses, Jessops Academy also offers bespoke one to one tutorials in each of their 28 stores. These tailored sessions are available for just £39 per hour. I would thoroughly recommend taking a course; it will change the way you use your camera!

Jessops Academy Photography Courses

In the studio

For more about Jessops Academy photography courses watch their video or visit  Course bookings can be made online, in-store or by phone 0844 3303319

Jessops Academy Photography Courses

See more of my photos from the day on our Facebook page


We now have a Special discount to LadyM Presents  readers – this would apply to any of the £119 courses (CSC & Bridge, DSLR L1 & L2 or City Tours). You can  receive the course for just £79 (£40 discount)

The process for booking discounted course would be below:

To book a photography course for special offer price of just £79, follow the instructions below
1. Call 0844 800 4444 & choose option 1 for sales.
2. Quote this code ‘ACAD40’
3. Book your course and receive confirmation Email


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  • Mary Dumouchel October 22, 2014 at 9:22 am

    Wow, detailed and amazing! Thank you for sharing, courses looks decent and i would recommend it for anyone who can afford it!

    I would agree that getting out of auto functions ASAP is a must for beginner photographers. Unfortunetaly there are so much free content which is gold, but really hard to find everything in one place needed for starters. However i am happy with my progress, even though it took me too long get to know all the basics.

    However, as i have mentioned, sometimes we just have to not be afraid of paying for a good teacher, someone who helps or even a photography course. It depends on how much you can spend on it. A lot to pay doesnt mean you will get what you wanted to get from a high priced lessons. Basics shouldnt cost much for starters, you can search for the lessons in the local photographers studio or even find what you need on the internet.

    To sum up, i can only say that i am glad someone is taking a photo camera in their hands and going out to search for those small details that fulfills our lifes being in that “moment” and i glad i picked up mine and finally started. I am originally from France and it means a lot for me! This helped me a lot to find the information in one place i needed to get better at basics, which is one of the most important things…

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