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Laura Whitmore X Daisy Collection

Launching on 26th October, Irish television presenter Laura Whitmore has collaborated with British jewellery brand Daisy London in a fabulous new collection. Think charms featuring four leaf clovers, Laura’s own tattoo in jewellery form and slick, minimalist style.

Laura Whitmore X Daisy Collection

Daisy London, founded by Noel Boyd and now run by his son James is a fabulously exotic jewellery brand based in London but available worldwide. Taking inspiration from travel and a sense of adventure, the jewellery brand has a trend-driven ethos and a deep rooted love of Eastern philosophy. Known for their now iconic Chakra bracelet as well as three further core ranges, Good Karma, Daisy and Halo the Laura Whitmore X Daisy Collection is set for great success this season.

Laura Whitmore X Daisy Collection

Laura Whitmore talked exclusively to Look magazine’s Fashion News Editor, Gemma Yates about the collaboration with Daisy London. Here’s a snippet of the interview and an insight into the collection.

Q: Symbols tend to be Daisy’s signature, but what do you like about them? 
A: I wanted to find the symbol that represented me. The plectrum was something that hasn’t been used much in jewellery so I thought we could have some fun with the shape.

Q: Do you have a favourite piece?
A: Probably the ‘You’re Lovely’ bracelet. But I also love the necklace you can add charms to. There are seven charms all linked to me. One is my tattoo, one is a four leaf clover because I’m Irish, which for people also means luck. There’s a little shell, which came from when my mum did the Camino walk in Spain…the symbol for it is a scallop shell.

Laura Whitmore X Daisy Collection


Q: It’s so personal! How about the engravings, what do they mean?
A: They’re either lyrics or quotes. Some quotes are romantic, some are about friendship and others are empowering.

Q: What’s your jewellery motto, minimalist or more is more? 
A: You can have a lot of fun with jewellery. I like putting different things together. I don’t believe in sticking to one metal either- I like mixing it all up together.

Laura Whitmore X Daisy Collection


Q: How do you describe your style? 
A: Eclectic. I dress for mood. My staple look would be skinny jeans and a shirt but it’s good to experiment.

The collection is gaining interest on social media with Caroline Flack loving the You’re Lovely necklace gifted to her by Laura.  You can buy online from October 26th at Daisy London and keep an eye on their twitter for more #laurawhitmorexdaisy updates.

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