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LadyM Meets Photographer and Coach Megan Weaver

This week, in my LadyM Meets interview series, I meet the fabulous Megan Weaver.  Fairy godmother to many a US and global blogger and a fantastic photographer with her own standalone business.

So why is Megan a fairy godmother to bloggers?  As a photographer and coach with one of the most amazing websites I have ever seen, Megan works with fashion & lifestyle bloggers and women entrepreneurs who need gorgeous branded images for their blog or website.  She has a great way of capturing the moment and the creativity that bloggers and business owners have and bringing that to the forefront of the imagery, that they can use across their business.

LadyM Meets Photographer and Coach Megan Weaver

I find Megan’s job such a fun and exciting one and she meets amazing people along the way, so I asked her more about it.

Q. Firstly, can you describe what you do in one sentence 

I help fashion & lifestyle bloggers and women entrepreneurs increase their confidence online by creating gorgeous branded photos for their blogs and websites.

Photographer and coach Megan Weaver

Photographer and coach Megan Weaver

Q. What encouraged you to get into this industry and what was your route into it?

I had been shooting mostly weddings, engagements and senior sessions for three years when I moved to Dallas in 2012. After I moved, I noticed how many fashion bloggers there were in the area and even the top bloggers didn’t have high quality photos to match their content. I knew it would be a good fit for my style of shooting since I also loved fashion and editorial photography. So I reached out to a few bloggers in Dallas and started shooting with them – slowly other bloggers found me through Instagram and word of mouth and my business organically grew from there. It’s been over two years since I started shooting with bloggers and I’ve worked with over 100 fashion and lifestyle bloggers and absolutely love it! Over the last year, I’ve also started to shoot more frequently with women entrepreneurs and really enjoy planning creative shoots that will complement their brand.

Photographer and coach Megan Weaver

Q What is a typical working day for you?

Each day is a little different. Some days I have one or multiple shoots locally, meetings to plan upcoming shoots, editing and managing day to day tasks.

Photographer and coach Megan Weaver

Q. Where are you based, how much of an inspiration is your city and what are your favourite cities around the world?

I’m based in Dallas, Texas and I love how there are so many unique areas in Dallas to explore – especially for shoots. Theres a variety of locations to choose from and I really love shooting downtown.  Some of my other favorite cities are New York City – the energy there is incredible! I also love Rome because there’s so much history there (and amazing pasta).

Q. Have you seen the photography and blogging industry change in the last few years? Have you had to adapt?

When I first started shooting there weren’t as many photographers working specifically with bloggers, but it’s definitely grown over the last two years as more fashion and lifestyle bloggers invest in photography. I’ve had to adapt in that I try to add more value to my potential clients on my free newsletter by sharing photography and shoot planning tips so they can make the most of their images and shoots with me.

Photographer and coach Megan Weaver


Q What’s the most rewarding part of your work? What is your greatest accomplishment so far?

The most rewarding part is being able to meet so many talented, creative and passionate women and see how the photos transform their blog or business. It’s always energizing and encouraging to meet other bloggers and entrepreneurs – which I wouldn’t have been able to do without photography. My greatest accomplishment is the community of women I’ve been able to meet and connect with online and in person.

Q. What is next for you? What are your goals for 2016? 

In addition to shooting with bloggers and entrepreneurs, I also have an online photography class for bloggers  that I want to continue to improve this year. My overall goal for 2016 is to make myself and my business more visible so I can help and work with as many women as possible!

Bonus Question – if you didn’t do the job you do now – what would be your dream job and where?

This is so hard to imagine because I really love what I do – but if I weren’t a photographer I would love to get paid to travel the world and blog about historic places – I’d also love to be fluent in French and Italian so I could travel through those countries more easily!

Photographer and coach Megan Weaver
Megan has recently launched an online photography class for bloggers  who are ready to learn how to shoot in manual (yes back away from the automatic setting!) and create gorgeous images for their blog and Instagram. Make sure you check out her class and I can vouch her newsletter is an awesome read.
You can follow Megan Weaver on Instagram right here and whilst you’re there make sure you check out what I have been up to recently with my Instagram feed

Who are your favourite bloggers who have awesome photography styling?

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