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Omar Mansoor Imperial Romance LFW

After New Zealand Fashion Week I had two weeks dashing around New Zealand, so on my return I only had a fleeting visit to London Fashion Week. I can never have a season at LFW without seeing one of my favourite designers, Omar Mansoor.

London based, Pakistani designer, Omar Mansoor showed his 10th collection at the Fashion International showcase at London Fashion Week. I took my mum along to see the designer at the event that really started LadyM Presents five years ago and we were delighted with an evening-wear collection, depicting the context of the Russian Revolution.

Omar Mansoor Imperial Romance

Omar sent me over the sketches by Jazmine Cant of the collection prior to the show, so I had a sneak peak and I love seeing his work come to life on the catwalk. The background to the collection focuses on Russian history and fashion revolutions following political changes.

Omar Mansoor Imperial Romance

The Revolution of 1917 made the Russian fashion adjust to the new Communist norms, which condemned everything “bourgeois” and extraordinary. The collection is constructed with hues of white and ivory depicting the peace post revolution.

Omar Mansoor Imperial Romance

It was interesting to see an entire collection in white and ivory, with just a touch of military khaki. There was something refreshing and ethereal about the flow of silk jersey and crepe in such a light shade. A softness in the light of a dark backdrop of Russian Revolution.

Omar Mansoor Imperial Romance

Omar took note of the pre revolution Tsarist Autocracy, representing this with Faberge imperial eggs inspired motifs. Whilst the rise of revolution is communicated with military insignia and caps. I loved the full length dresses and jumpsuits with a touch of gold silk in the detailing. The end of revolution peace is shown with white and gold silk flowers. A deep collection, focusing on a powerful history, shown with the strength of white and a powerful presentation.

Omar Mansoor Imperial Romance

One of my favourite dresses from the collection and the designer himself, Omar Mansoor

You can see more of Omar Mansoor’s work at where his current collection is available to buy. Omar’s work is often seen on the red carpet and at Royal Ascot.

Credits: Footwear: Justin Reece Concept and Styling: Edita Lozovoska

Photography: Shahid Malik

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