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Pure Collection | Spring/Summer 14 Cashmere

When you think cashmere you might be mistaken for thinking county house hotel, roaring fire, fur trimmed boots and a luxurious cashmere knit to keep you all toasty and warm. Well I can’t deny that sounds perfect at the moment. But as we edge ever closer to Spring, cashmere is here to stay and isn’t just about keeping warm in the cooler months.

Pure Collection | SS14 Cashmere

Cashmere comes in numerous forms and one fashion brand who really have it sussed are Pure Collection. Their cashmere is sourced from Inner Mongolia, home of the very finest cashmere and they only get the very best. Cashmere is only harvested from goats in very cold climates. In Inner Mongolia temperatures plummet to minus 30 degrees and winters are seven months long, so these goats have the very best wool which makes great cashmere for Pure Collections customers. But it is a sustainable farming programme and the wool comes from the belly hair of the goat, it is combed out once a year.

Mongolian Cashmere Pure Collection

The wool is then dyed before it is woven to give the great colour depth we see in the collection. For SS14 the cashmere is of a weight that allows for spring layering from Featherweight, super fine to Gassato, super soft and lofty and 12 gauge which is perfect for cooler days.

Cashmere Sports Luxe SS14

For Spring/Summer 14, Pure Collection have gone colour mad and I love it! I went into the Tunbridge Wells store this weekend and it just brightened up my day instantly. Watercolour hues, ice cream colours and crayon tints all in beautifully soft, luxurious fabrics with cashmere being the main textile in the collection.


Pure Collection Tunbridge Wells

There’s a real feel of effortless style and laid-back luxury to the collection. Combining silk separates with cashmere and linen there is everyday sports luxe dressing.


There are also some fabulous accessories available at Pure Collection either in pops of colour or neutrals to balance out your look!

Pure Collection SS14

I couldn’t resist this Raglan Sweatshirt in Mint Leaf. It sits fabulously just on the waist with a little dart in the side for a softer fit. As modelled here, it would look great with a crisp white shirt underneath and a touch of silver jewellery.

Pure Collection Raglan Sweatshirt

Next week I’ll be reviewing the Sunset Orange Cashmere Cable Sweater as one of my #weeklylust items. But if you can’t wait until then – get your injection of colour with a 15% discount at any Pure Collection store quoting “ladym15” in store until the end of March 2014.

Pure Collection have stores in York and Tunbridge Wells, in December they opened in Reigate and in the Spring they are opening in Guildford too. Every three weeks there is a new drop from the collection in store so make sure you keep your eye out to find the very best pieces and of course they are all available online too.

Silk and linen pieces compliment the collection and the best bit is you don’t have to dry clean the cashmere pieces. In fact, they recommend that you don’t, after all you wouldn’t catch a goat in the dry cleaners would you? Just wash as wool on a cool wash and make sure you let it dry slowly – never put on the radiator, the wool isn’t used to such intense heat.

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