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This summer I was sent a rather unusual fashion accessory before my holiday to the South of France. A handmade scarf. “A scarf in summer?”, I thought – well this is no knitted affair. Arriving on my desk was the most beautifully packaged scarf from Rew clothing and a great concept was behind the fantastically designed leather cut out scarf.

Rew Clothing

Rew Clothing is an accessories brand established by Rachel Emma Wright in 2011 but the idea came twelve years previously when Rachel wanted to keep her daughter warm, but at three years old didnt want to tie a scarf around her neck. So she draped it around her neck and used a button through the collar to secure it. This is what the company is all about – Really Easy Wear, bringing clothes to existence that are quirky and directional but practical and stylish too.


Designer Rachel uses her craft honed from experiences whilst studying millinery at Epsom school of art in London to design beautiful alternatives to the traditional scarf; creating versatile pieces that can be worn in numerous ways; giving more value per wear and the opportunity to go against trends and be individual with your style.

Disregarding obvious trends the focus of Rew is to produce garments that may be worn and treasured over time. Using a variety of textured and weighted fabrics in the most innovative format. The latest collection comprises of Rachel’s signature trade mark tassels, Rew has incorporated these into collars developing the new alternative to the scarf. These stunning ruffle collars fastening with a simple button or buckle are a must have.


I have the London cream drape scarf. Laser cut pvc scarf that is perfect for summer or winter. In fact on holiday I had forgotten any necklaces and on an evening out I wanted to accessorise my outfit – so the London drape scarf was the perfect solution. Now I just need to work on styling it in the numerous different possibilities!

Me in the middle working the London Drape Scarf in the South of France

Me in the middle working the London Drape Scarf in the South of France

I also wore the London drape scarf during a recent White Shirt Challenge for Austin Reed – to add a new dimension to a simple white shirt.

Styling Rew in the White Shirt Challenge

Styling Rew in the White Shirt Challenge

A menswear collection is in the pipeline and the kids collection (where it all started) is just so cute!


Rew also offers a bespoke service, you can commission Rew to make you a one off unique collar, or turn an old but loved item of clothing into a new piece. The collections are entirely handmade and individually designed and that is what I love about a fashion brand such as Rew – stand out from the crowd and have the crowd wondering where you get your fabulous accessories from!

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