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Beautiful ideas to refresh your home for spring

Spring is such a magical time, a perfect moment to refresh your home to celebrate the change in season.  Today I’m sharing with you six beautiful ideas to refresh your home for spring.  This isn’t about the key trends for Spring 2016 interiors that will cost you a fortune, this is a about quick, easy and beautiful ways to update the look in the place where you spend so much money but probably, like me so little time.  Let’s have the goal to make your home beautiful and inviting this season. As I wrote this feature, the sun was shining through the office window, the birds were singing and my coffee was brewing. I was dreaming of Spring.

Spring 2016 Interior Tips

I’ve been browsing the best of the homeware and interiors brands that you should welcome into your home this season.  My aim is to introduce you to an awesome homeware brand that you may not have heard of before

If you read my piece on the Pantone colour of the year for 2016 then you’ll know it’s all about the Rose Quartz and Serenity.  If you haven’t read it then make sure you check it out next (pretty please!). Pantone’s HQ selected two colours this year – a double dose designed to promote relaxation as the world around us becomes more uncertain. They are great, soft, perfect for Spring colours to add to your home.

Spring 2016

Anna Schmidt from ALSO home, a stylish lifestyle brand is also offering up hues of white, lime, putty and grey as the colour trend for Spring – a subtle punch of colour with lime and the calming influence of greys.

‘I love the feeling that Spring brings into my home, the smells, sounds, sunlight and sense of hope that summer is just around the corner. For me getting my home ready for spring involves a few things, but especially fresh cut flowers in vases dotted around the house. There is nothing I like more than an arrangement in my hallway to welcome me from a busy day or welcome a visitor into my home. The sense of emerging from the greyness of winter means pops of colour throughout the house are essential. A couple of lime green cushions on my grey sofa, lime green napkins at my dinner table and to make the spring cleaning process more enjoyable, a denim blue linen apron!’ Anna Schmidt – owner and founder ALSO Home.

Spring 2016
So what are my key ideas for how to refresh your home this spring?  I am all about adding accessories.  I’m not about to tell you that you need to repaint your living room wall or that your hallway needs a lick of paint.  This is about quick, easy and inexpensive ways to refresh your home’s look this season.  Easy additions that you can move from room to room.

Read on to find out and let me know if you are feeling inspired!

Mosaic Wool Throw

Available in turquoise, spring green and fuchsia, the Mosaic wool throw from Ville & Campagne is a perfect addition to your living room or bedroom.  A subtle way to add a new shade without being so bold as to buy a new sofa or repaint the bedroom feature wall!
Spring 2016
I love the pink throw and the greens add a great punch of colour for Spring. A distinctive and contemporary throw in a modern design that will make a statement in any room. They are made from pure wool and a good size at 150cm x 185cm.  You can throw them over a chair to add colour and make practical use to keep you warm when those Spring days aren’t as warm as they look.

New Bed Linen

I asked Anna Schmidt, owner and founder of ALSO Home about her ways to refresh her home for Spring. Her top tip is ‘A new set of bed linen on my bed, fresh white and a suitably spring like pop of colour such as lime green. Another touch I love to add into my home are drops of essential oil in a burner or infuser to allow the sense of hope to flow through into every room.’

Spring 2016
The Lisbon collection available at ALSO Home is fabulous, garment washed 100% Linen. It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer and has a soft and natural feel.  I love the mix of grey with a pop of colour.  Anna recommends layering up sheets in one colour and pillowcases in another, for a soft urban bedroom feel.

Abstract Art

Adding new artwork to your home is a great way of adding some bold colour.  It can also be changeable, you can move it from room to room.  You can also simply prop artwork up against a wall rather than hang it for a slightly different, not quite complete feel to the room.  Digital Artist Abi Fawcus explores the relationship between her work as an interface designer and the natural colour and abstraction of the landscapes around her.

Spring 2016

Her large abstract landscapes in her signature simple bold colours are created through a unique digital corruption process and are stunning.

Scandinavian Living

For a soft Spring look, Scandinavian pastel accessories are a must – such as these home items from Quince Living, an online family run store for Scandinavian home wares and UK made designs.  I’ve  picked out a few of my favourite pieces.  It is much easier to follow a trend or even add just a touch of something new in small pieces like vases, photograph frames, prints and textiles.

Spring 2016
The Bloomingville Shadow Votive ceramic candle set from Quince Living will look gorgeous on a side board together or in clusters of three on the windowsill.  Separate them per room or pair the together; I love their interchange-ability!

Spring 2016
Also in the Danish designers Bloomingville, these fabulous ceramic and wood vases.  A lovely delicate design, these sweet vases come in four on trend pastel tones and will look great on their own or as part of a set. Each vase has a smooth ceramic finish with a complimentary ash wood neck, combining two textures perfectly. There is just something so beautiful about smooth edges in the home!

New Blinds

Nichola McFall, Brand Manager at The Fabric Box, online blinds manufacturer, recently gave me her top tip for preparing your home for spring, “Take advantage of the warmer months by taking down and dry-cleaning curtains and replacing them with a simple roller blind in a sheer fabric”.

Spring 2016

I love the simplicity of the Vesper Snow roller blinds from The Fabric Box.  They are reasonably priced, give a great soft look to the room and will brighten up your day with the Spring light coming through.  No more drawing thick, heavy, winter curtains!

So it really is quite simple, you only need to make a few subtle changes in your home for a Spring 2016 interiors refresh. Let me know what you try out and share you home decor with me on instagram @ladympresents

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