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Spring/Summer 14 Exclusive with Factory Forecasting

So fashion month has come and gone. We survived London Fashion Week and are already planning the details for New Zealand Fashion Week in September. But what have we learnt? We know that Autumn/Winter 13 is all about earthy tones. Deep reds, plums and mulberry. Monochrome that we will have in our wardrobes for Spring/Summer 13 will be a heavy presence for A/W too.

There are so many trends to keep your eye out for whether its colour, texture, shape or accessories. We have a hard time keeping track of it all but we know someone who can help.

Well nine special someones actually. At Factory Forecasting, there are a collective of nine forecasters, designers and buyers who have come together to give the fashion industry a better way of trend forecasting. It’s really rather exciting. Traditionally trend forecasting agencies have hidden their vagueness behind an overwhelming volume of information. Read any fashion magazine and online blogs and you will have a wealth of information. But we really want to be on top of our game and thats what Factory Forecasting do. They work 18 months ahead and focus on delivering top 5’s and top 10’s of colours, trends, materials, shapes for the womenswear industry. It is precise, conceptual information presented in a fabulous way and they also do a catwalk round up after the models have been down the runway as well as a monthly top 10 of all the fast fashion and current items trending in stores.

Spring/Summer 2014 Trends

We decided to give you a little sneak peak into Spring/Summer 14. Yes yes, now is your time to be ahead of the fashion pack! Because at the moment you will probably be buying for your Spring/Summer 13 wardrobe. Which is great; but you will be making some pretty sound investments and it is worthwhile noting what will be on trend for the same season in the following year; therefore making your price per wear potential decrease and get you thinking about what you really want in your wardrobe.

So here are the Factory Forecasting top 5 trends for Spring/Summer 14

Colour: Iris


We love love love this colourway. Get bright and cheer up your summer without being too OTT. This colour has been around for a few seasons now but shows no signs of dropping in popularity. Yves Klein Blue and Cobalt versions are important for spring/summer AND Autumn/Winter 13/14, look for slightly paler more cornflour versions to take you through to Spring/Summer14.

Fabric: Sheer


We know the Olympics are well and truly over but the Sports Luxe trend shows no signs of heading off on it’s bike soon! For Spring/Summer 14 it will become more tailored and grown-up, think layering up of sheer fabrics and add a pop of colour underneath.

Key Item: Boyfriend jean


A classic denim style that always looks good. The rolled up boyfriend jean / classic court combo is a current style blogger favourite, our love affair with this uniform has just started, so maybe its time in hang up our skinnies – well, just for a little bit.

Accessories: 90s round glasses


Again, another style blogger fav, a great way of adding a little bit of 90s nostalgia to an outfit. You either love them or hate them but the classic wire framed versions look set to be a staple for spring/summer 13 and 14. Pick out heavier plastic frames like  the Linda Farrow signature round style or Wildfox’s Twiggy versions for a bit of retro sophisticated look.

Key Item: Summer Parka


Summer wouldn’t be complete with out a festival. Festival goers essential in recent years have opted for the lightweight showerproof summer parkas and we don’t see this popuarity fading. Look for military/ utility and Sports Luxe details on a slightly oversized silhouette to take you through to spring/summer 14.

All images are courtesy of Factory Forecasting and credits are available on their website. If you want to be ahead of the game; know THE top 5 styles, pieces, colours, textures for the up coming and future seasons then subscribe to the Factory Forecasting Spring/Summer 14 blueprint here. There are various packages available. Plus we rather love their Tumblr so many fabulous fashion shots of past and present – check it out.

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