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Summer 2013 is almost here – have you found your perfect bikini?

We may all be lamenting the fact that it’s been snowing in spring, but we can be cheered by the thought that summer will be here before we know it. If you have a summer holiday booked, now is the time to start thinking about your beach body and your holiday wardrobe, especially that all-important bikini.

Finding the right bikini can be incredibly difficult, requiring a lot of time and effort. However, before you give up and book yourself onto a month-long boot camp or start a crash diet, you should remember that there is a flattering bikini out there for everyone. All it takes is a bit of knowledge about what styles suit you, as well as what to avoid. For those seeking help finding their dream bikini, some new tips, courtesy of Gok Wan, have emerged that might just help.


Petite frames

If you have a petite frame, a triangle bikini is likely to be the most flattering choice as they add width to your body. You should also stick to small, subtle, depth-creating patterns and keep your accessories small (to avoid swamping your smaller frame). If you need to create more cleavage, choose a bikini with a half-cup padded top.

Pear shapes

Pear-shaped women should be looking to emphasise their top half, in order to balance out a larger lower half. Choose a bikini that offers breast enhancement and a good cleavage boost, but avoid styles that have too much draping, pleating and ruching. Another way to minimise your bottom half with beachwear is to throw on a sarong over your bikini, tying it with the ends falling down one side of your body.


Rounded tummies

If you have a rounded stomach you might think about having a tummy tuck, but instead look for swimwear which smooths and slims out your silhouette. A one-piece with plenty of Lycra built-in should do the trick, but you can also emphasise your bust in a bikini or wear a tankini to lessen the depth of a rounded tummy.


Large up-top

If you have an impressive cleavage, either natural or enhanced by breast augmentation, you should be looking for the right support in the bikini you choose.


Underwired cups with wide-apart straps are a good choice, but you should also be looking to balance out your top half with substantial briefs and bottoms with a lot of detail. Bright and dark colours are both flattering for top-heavy frames, but pale colours on top should be avoided.


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