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Wires Eyewear – African Fairtrade and Swiss Technology

The search for the next pair of sunglasses is always a hard task.  You’ve left your favourite pair on the train, you sat on them as you got into the car or you simply need a style refresh.  Sunglasses from Wires Eyewear combine African Fairtrade with Swiss technology and British design.  I just had to check out the story behind them, combining sustainability, story and style.

Wires Eyewear

Connecting London to Harare, Wires Eyewear is a new sunglasses concept backed by model Lily Cole and designed by Zimbabwe designer Yair Neuman.  A single piece of wire creates a simple, extra-light pair of sunglasses with a contemporary style.  I love the African artistry and the modern technology that envelopes this great design.

 Wires Eyewear - African Fairtrade and Swiss Technology

Wires Eyewear is a new line of fair-trade, signature design sunglasses that use modern technology to hand coil a single piece of metal wire around 3D printed lens holders.  Amazing!  They retail at £120 a pair and online orders can be placed now via the Wires Eyewear website.

Wires Eyewear - African Fairtrade and Swiss Technology

Wires Eyewear – The Story

Wires Eyewear represents a story of place, heritage and community, inspired by the skilled wire craft that dates back to the 15th century in Africa. The brainchild of designer Yair Neuman in collaboration with impossible, a business founded by model and business woman Lily Cole, that aims to celebrate brands producing thoughtfully and ethically made products.

Wires Eyewear - African Fairtrade and Swiss Technology

Since the 15th century, craftsmen have utilised wire as an art material, fabricating sculptures and jewellery out of brass and copper wire. The serendipitous meeting with Zimbabwean entrepreneur Jimmy Saruchera allowed the product’s innovative wire design to connect with Zimbabwe’s rich history.

Wires Eyewear - African Fairtrade and Swiss Technology

In the past few years, extreme weather in Zimbabwe has badly affected the country’s agricultural industry.  Wires Eyewear aims to become a global fairtrade brand which creates jobs in an area in dire need of economic development. In partnership with impossible studios, Wires Eyewear is encouraging consumers to choose more sustainable design processes.  The handcrafted frames are made in Zimbabwe, using metal that is locally sourced. Once production is in full force, Wires will be creating further local jobs and providing local families with a stable income. Bringing a unique edge of sustainability to the forefront of the brand.

Lily Cole, Chairman of impossible, said “Design that looks at supply chains in order to change the way products are made, is part of impossible’s mission. We are glad to support Wires in accomplishing this.”

Wires Eyewear – The Style

Marrying traditional craft with cutting edge technology, designer Yair Neuman has created an amazing fashion statement, crafted using a skilled pair of hands. The mix of copper and brass allows for high flexibility so they suit all face shapes and sizes. The copper is enamel coated to produce a smooth, shiny and hypoallergenic frame. This also prevents oxidisation and ensures the natural copper colour lasts for years. So just make sure you don’t sit of them!

Wires Eyewear - African Fairtrade and Swiss Technology

I love that the lens holders, available in black or white, are 3D printed out of resilient nylon. How cool is that! I’d love to be able to wear a pair and say  – hey did you know these are 3D printed!


Wires Eyewear - African Fairtrade and Swiss Technology

Yair Neuman, designer of Wires Eyewear

“I wanted to create a soft frame that can be adjusted to every face,” said Yair Neuman, designer of Wires Eyewear. “So if, for example, you have one ear slightly higher than the other (which most of us do), you’ll find it easy to bend the frame to suit your face and get a snug fit.”

Wires Eyewear - African Fairtrade and Swiss Technology

Currently there are eight different styles in the range mixing copper or brass frames and white or black removable lens clips.  You can view the collection here.  They are extremely lightweight and individually adjustable. Plus scratch-resistant PC with 100% UVA and UVB protection.  I guarantee that Wires Eyewear will be the key sunglasses look of the summer.

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