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7 Chic Ways to Buy & Wear Scarves

Scarves are an item that I just love and I know so many ladies who can’t resist buying a new scarf when they browse the local market when on holiday or when shopping at the weekend. But being able to style them is a hard one to crack. To be honest I am hopeless at it and I have a scarf feature and giveaway coming up soon so I really need to suss out how to wear them. So this infographic below tells all, take notes ladies!

7 Chic Ways to Buy & Wear Scarves

Draping a scarf around your shoulders – or tying it neatly around your neck – is a simple and easy way to make any outfit feel pulled-together and trendy.  By using the following expert tips, you can confidently buy and wear the most elegant and beautiful scarves no matter the season or your style type!

1. Invest in the basics

Oblong scarves are the most versatile, but economical bandanas can add style to casual outfits without breaking the bank.

2. Go western this summer

A triangle kerchief in a contrasting color gives your t-shirt and jeans a little style and edge.

How to wear a scarf 7 ways

3. Pair chiffon scarves with your maxis

Thanks to their neatly hemmed and rolled edges, silk chiffon scarves complement flirty and flowy maxi dresses best.

4. Tie on a little warmth this winter with an infinity loop

The key to making your infinity scarf look chic is to make sure that you adjust the fabric so that one loop fits neatly inside your winter coat or jacket.

5. Accessorize your fall handbags with a colourful scarf

To complement your purse perfectly, make sure that you choose a pattern that picks up the color of your handbag, and then tie the scarf neatly around the handle.

6. Not just for necks

You can quickly upgrade your ponytail or bun, with a lovely and bright headscarf. When tying a scarf around your head, typically long rectangular scarves work best.

7. Traditional French silks are a fashion staple

These square scarves (typically 30 to 36 inches in length) add polish to monochromatic work and weekend looks in an instant.

Here’s a fun infographic to show you more from Chan Luu

7 Chic Ways to Buy & Wear Scarves

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