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In the build up to Christmas there seems to be hundreds of advertisements for perfume and aftershave both on the television and in magazines. It often takes an age to get to the actual editorial in womens fashion magazine these days, most of those adverts are for perfume. It is a prime gift for the festive season but with so many brands to choose from it really can be an overload for the senses.

Signature Fragrance

Fragrance, is one of the most provocative of tools for the our armoury of senses. The sense of smell is a powerful thing, enlisting the ability to stir our memory banks and remind us of our favourite moments. Sometimes its nice to have a uniqueness to your fragrance, to know that you won’t be wearing the same scent as at least three other women in the same building.

Signature Fragrances London™, founded by two friends Solomon and Yinka, brings a unique range of fragrances to the beauty market, to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Signature Fragrances London™

I received a sample from Signature Fragrances London™, one of Lola, the “modern touch”, another Nouveau, a “fresh feeling”. To try out. I was intrigued to test them as they are of pure perfume strength – the highest form of perfume. At Signature Fragrances London™ they use this highest form to improve the length of time your fragrance lingers and this means that your sent reveals itself over time. No more application time and time again throughout the day.

Signature Fragrances London™

Signature Fragrances London™ perfume oils contain little or no alcohol and are all about quality ingredients. Their perfumes are categorised by four of the most popular fragrance families in the world. Each fragrance carries its own identity, giving its user a unique sensory experience. I think it all sounds rather romantic and is a beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated scent, then the Floral Collection is the one for you. Jasmine, rose and violet extracts provide the base notes for a succulent and exotic collection.

Signature Fragrances London™

Lola, one of the samples I received, is from the Sweet Collection from Signature Fragrances London™. It really is superb. A very sexy scent that has a base of Cedar, Rose and White Honey giving a calming, feminine touch. Floral and woody notes add sweetness, depth, and sensuality, the heart of the scent is Jasmine and Patchouli and that is a winner for me. It is sweet but in a subtle way, not too overpowering and it does develop overtime to be a beautiful, lingering fragrance on the skin.

Often perfumes can be too sweet, too floral and if you have a sensitive nose that might be too much. That is why Signature Fragrances London™ Fresh Collection will be the perfect solution for you. The Nouveau sample I received gave me a little taster of this fresh feeling. Neroli flowers are at the heart of this fragrance but it is held down with a base of sandalwood and musk, that give this perfume a sense of masculinity about it, balancing out the floral notes to give a sense of refinement.

Signature Fragrances London™

I like both the Lola and the Nouveau, perhaps at this moment the Nouveau more. But I know in Spring the Lola will come into its own. Often a perfume needs to suit your mood, your style and your day; thats why it’s great to have a range available.

Signature Fragrances London™ seeks to bring the true essence of perfumery back to the 21st century, by introducing a selection of unique blends sourced from around the world. There are some truly magical fragrances within their collection and you can explore these on their website. The packaging and the bottles alone are just beautiful, but the perfumes themselves are stunning.

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