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Skinfood NZ

I love finding great beauty products from around the world and often I find them in the strangest of places. When visiting relatives in New Zealand around four years ago, I stumbled across Skinfood in the local supermarket.

Skinfood NZ

I was in desperate need of some moisturiser and found their great Body Butter. That did the trick, and every christmas since then, Father Christmas (or it could be my Sister-in-Law) has left some Skinfood Body Butter in my stocking, for being a good girl. As well as the gorgeous and succulent Body Butter I have also been an advocate of their Mud Masque too, which contains the fabulously natural mud from Rotorua. I’ve sworn by it for a weekly face mask for a while now but it has always been a treat when I go back to New Zealand.

Now I am excited to announce that Skinfood from New Zealand is now also available in the UK, to buy online at Amazon. So you can get your fix of this fabulous beauty and skincare product with speedy delivery and at really great prices.

Skinfood NZ

“Like a well balance diet we’ve designed a range of products to delight your skin’s tastebuds”,

Skinfood products contain all the natural New Zealand goodness without taking the long-haul flight! The team at Skinfood have been “harnessing nature’s genius” since 2003 and aim to source the best and freshest ingredients to create products that are the best for your body. All the products are natural based, paraben free and made in New Zealand.


Skinfood NZ

I am loving the Mud Masque which contains the natural Rotorua mud along with aloe vera and jojoba oil. Layer it on quite thick, sit back and relax for ten minutes until it dries. It’s a really rich masque using the volcanic muds from New Zealand and is a great deep cleanser. It’s not too harsh though and really softens the skin.

Skinfood NZ

As well as my long standing obsession with the Body Butter I also love the Nourishing Moisturiser from Skinfood. It contains a feast for the skin, for your face, neck and chest. Goji berry extract, which is great for anti-ageing, apricot and blackcurrant oils, manuka honey and aloe vera. All those combined together will smooth and protect and hydrate the skin but the great thing is, it doesn’t feel heavy or oily. It’s a light moisturiser that also has vitamin A & E to help enrich the skin. Plus it smells great, like a fruity ice lolly! Memories of summer.

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  • Victoria Owen August 13, 2014 at 10:12 am

    I discovered Skinfood Moisturiser SPF15 in Tesco a few years ago – when I wanted more they had stopped doing it but then I found it on Amazon. In February this year Amazon said they were out of stock but would have more in a month or two but I still cannot get any of the SPF15 moisturiser – any advice please?

  • LadyM August 13, 2014 at 11:30 am


    Take a look at and see if you can buy online
    Also email them from advice from their contact page


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