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Dream Holiday Wardrobe with Avenue 32

I have been invited to share my ideal holiday with you lovely readers for a chance to win a pair of sunglasses from Avenue 32. So this got me thinking.  You’ve won the National Lottery, the money is safely tucked away in your bank account. You’ve taken an extended break form work (ok so you haven’t won that much!) and you have a long holiday ahead of you.  

Dream Holiday Wardrobe

Surely this has been a dream of many of you at least once in the last year. How would you spend your winnings? Where would you go for your dream holiday?

Dream Destination: Bora Bora

Just the name of this location sounds exotic in itself. I have always wanted to head to Bora Bora, the collection of islands in French Polynesia. The glamour of arriving by boat to your island, the over water bungalows, diving, swimming, sunshine, amazing beaches. It is just perfect. A “get a way from it all” destination, no mobile phones, no deadlines, just peace, tranquility and amazing views.

The Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort is a winning destination for me.

With such a fantastic destination, of course you need a luxury wardrobe and that is where Avenue 32 comes along. For this you don’t have to actually have won the lottery, you don’t have to wear these pieces exclusively on your dream holiday but these are my three favourite outfits for my time in Bora Bora.

By the pool

For such a glamourous location there has to be a glamourous pool side wardrobe! I’m not one to wear heels by the pool but I will go for a wedge to elongate the legs, making them slimmer. But I am also in love with these ancient Greek style cut out sandals!


Giejo Turquoise Check Triangle Bikini – A splash of colour to mix with the beautiful crystal clear sea

Stella McCartney White Leopard sunglasses – perfect for sunning yourself by the pool whilst looking fabulous

Silver Medea Cut Out Sandals – I love the quirkiness of these sandals

Suki Cheema Tote – for all your beachside essentials, add a little local style print to your outfit

Mountain Hike

Of course it’s not all about lying on a beach in Bora Bora. The Pearl Beach resort hotel has the back drop of awe inspiring Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia which you can go and explore the jungle at the foot of the extinct volcano, heading over there on a guided 4×4 tour of course!


Edun Steel Sunflower Tank Top – perfect for keeping cool whilst trekking

Edun Green African Sun Pleated Shorts – Relaxed Glamour

Lissy Verkade Silky Sky Scarf – ideal for wrapping your hair up, off your face and neck during your adventure

Prism Jade Leather Espadrilles – Perfect for wandering the hills without having to pack your trainers

Private Dining

Any five star all inclusive resort worth its star rating, will have the facility for fine dining on a private beach. The moonlight is glistening on the water, the waves crash in on the shore in the background and there is an amazing sea food dinner accompanied by champagne… I can keep on dreaming!  So of course you must dress the part.


David Szeto Tangerine Pleat Dress – the perfect colour to show off your tan

Anndra Neen Cuff – a great compliment against this seasons hot tangerine trend

Cedric Charlier Nude Strap Sandals – ok I know in the dream I’m on the beach, but I love a heel at night time

Sarah Chloe Heart Pendant – since it’s a couples paradise, love is in the air with this pendant


So what do you think of my dream destination and accompanying wardrobe?

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