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Five Great Secret Santa Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again. Two words that fill many with dread, Secret Santa. The names have been drawn out of the hat (well a paper bin) in the office or the round robin family email has been sent. 

Five Great Secret Santa Gift Ideas

It can be a fun idea for family members who are sick of getting socks from Aunt Gladys or miniature perfumes from Grandma Joan. A way to mix up the usual present giving process for the family or friends. Secret Santa is also hugely popular in offices around the world. You might have a £5 limit or a generous £10 limit. The topic might be playful, rude, silly or just get something nice. But it can be a gift giving process that many dislike, because let’s face it, it can be quite stressful.

Having a budget should help, but it can often be hard to stick to under a fiver. You also want to hit the right note and not waste the money on something rather trivial. So I have teamed up with House of Fraser who have launched an awesome Your Christmas Your Rules campaign this festive season to bring you five great Secret Santa gift ideas. Check out the House of Fraser Christmas advert for 2015 below.

Inspired by the notion that the best Christmases come with people’s own traditions and foibles, ‘Your Christmas Your Rules’, offers a refreshing antidote to the festive fuzzy norm with an unapologetic message all about challenging tradition and banishing the bland.

The smallest gifts can be the hardest to get right. So I have browsed House of Fraser’s stocking fillers and mini gifts section to find my pick of five of the best Secret Santa gifts.

Charbonnel et Walker Pink Champagne Truffles

I think these are a great little gift to receive. Who doesn’t appreciate fancy chocolates? A good gift if you don’t know someone that well, but you know they would enjoy a touch of luxury.

Five Great Secret Santa Gift Ideas

This is the kind of gift I would keep as my “extra gift” that I have talked about before as essential to keep up your sleeve at Christmas. A great treat at £12.50

Sloane Stationery Little Miss Organised Notebook

For the friend who is always on time, knows when your birthday is and what your first pet’s name was. Or for the office organiser extraordinaire, a perfect A5 pink notebook that is less Little Miss (I.e Mr Men) and more Sloane ranger. A fabulous easy gift £20.30

Five Great Secret Santa Gift Ideas

New & Lingwood Cufflinks Stag Head

If you want to go a little Christmas kitsch then why not go for these silver Stag Head (but could be reindeer!) cufflinks for your favourite uncle or the man in accounts who you think needs some fun injected into his life. A festive deal at £20

Five Great Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Sloane Stationery Clever Pencils

Ok so this is a fun one that I think will work with just about anyone in the office. Ten navy “clever” pencils with awesome phrases to inspire your day in the office and to add a touch of humour to meetings.

5 great secret santa ideas

Who can’t resist a PA taking notes with “The Boss’ pencil or the boss doodling with “Busy Busy Busy”. An awesome idea at £12.60

Linea Candle

I don’t think you can go wrong with a candle. Ideally it works best for a female recipient of the Secret Santa gift but I think men can see the charm in them too. The Linea range at House of Fraser have a great range of scents, Wild Fig and Vanilla will go down well for a winter feel in the home and at £7.00 you can be in budget.

5 great secret santa ideas

* Note prices we taken during House of Fraser sale weekend – please check website for latest pricing and to avoid bad links; search for the title of the gift idea in the House of Fraser search bar *

Remember it’s time to break to mould and follow #YourRules you can play it safe or you can choose something a little quirky as Secret Santa. Share your Secret Santa gifts or those you receive with me on instagram @ladympresents and tag #YourRules – I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!

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