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House of Fraser Exclusive – Fiorelli Tapestry Print Tote

This year I made a new best friend. Joey Lauren. She came everywhere with me, she was stylish, practical, useful and was rather handy at carrying all of my day to day life essentials. She truly was a dream to have around and was easy to spot with her bright red tones.

Of course, I’m referring to the Fiorelli Joey Lauren tote bag that I styled for Autumn/Winter recently. I still love her to bits but Fiorelli told me about a new perfect handbag for my lifestyle, so sadly Joey Lauren has been put back on the shelf whilst I tested out the Fiorelli Tapestry Print Tote bag, also known as the Forever Together Tote.

Fiorelli House of Fraser Tote Bag

The Tapestry Print Tote Bag is an exclusive to House of Fraser, just in time for Christmas. It’s the perfect update to my Joey Lauren bag. Yes you might think tapestry = old lady bag. But honestly, this is as far away from that idea than you can get. Featuring vibrant pinks, golds, greens and a mixture of other hues with a black background this tote is still spacious enough to carry all my day to day essentials (Fiorelli know me too well!). It truly is fabulous and I have been testing it to the limits at various events this week.

This Fiorelli x House of Fraser exclusive bag feels so fabulous. You can style it with a block colour or go for the print-clash trend and it is my new must-have bag. With a flap pocket on the front that has enough room for a kindle and mini ipad, I managed to store my two iphones safely in there for easy access. A pocket on the back that is great for popping my keys in, plus an inner zip pocket for girly essentials, you can zip up your life and get going. The bag can fit an A4 folder in, a laptop, notebooks, oh the list goes on.

So here is how I have styled it as I’ve taken it for a spin to road test it for House of Fraser and Fiorelli as part of the #HOFExclusive range.

Day 1 The Office

On a monday morning the only way I can really get motivated for the start of the week is firstly with some freshly brewed coffee and secondly with an outfit to make me feel fabulous. Despite Autumn setting in, it was a rather warm day so I decided to go ultra girly and a little Mad Men inspired with this black and cream dress swirl dress from Oasis, black tights and merlot heels from New Look.

Fiorelli House of Fraser Tote Bag

Normally I wouldn’t clash prints but I felt that this season that’s what the prints were all about and as one side of the tote bag is plain black you can mix and match throughout the day depending what side you have out to onlookers as you throw it over your shoulder.

Contents today:

  • 2 x iphone
  • Brita water filter bottle
  • Banana Republic mustard purse
  • 3 sets of keys
  • Note book
  • Business papers

I’ll be styling the Together Forever tote all week so keep an eye out for this #HOFexclusive postings on twitter and instagram and make sure you follow @Fiorelli_Bags and @HouseofFraser on twitter for up to date news on new bag releases!


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