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Around the world with beauty pioneers Laconicum

I love meeting like minded business women, who love a story, enjoy searching out the best in the world and are passionate about what they do. A few weeks ago I headed to the gorgeous venue of The Ham Yard Hotel in central London to meet two fabulous individuals who are making a statement in the beauty world.

Anabel Vázquez and María Martinez  founded Laconicum in Spain in 2011. They class themselves as “Beauty Curators” and have made a successful online business in Spain in that is renowned in the beauty industry.  Ana and Maria feature in my LadyM Meets interview series this week; so you can learn about their passion and drive and how the business came to be.

Around the world with beauty pioneers Laconicum

Maria and Ana founders of Laconicum

For now, I want to take you around the world with some of the fabulous brands Laconicum has to offer and there are more based in the UK than you would expect for a store that has only just launched in the UK itself and has an international presence.

Around the world with beauty pioneers Laconicum

Laconicum is an online store for the 100% extra-ordinary, independent and hard-to-find cosmetics. The products that make the grade are ones that Anabel and Maria themselves would love to buy. All the brands have unusual stories to tell, they are niche, they are personal and they are unique.

Australia – Grown Alchemist

Founded in 2000 by Keston and Jeremy Mujis, Grown Alchemist have a passion for obtaining healthy and attractive skin without using harmful chemicals. Certified organic, using natural and effective botanical ingredients, they combine the most amazing fragrances into their products. I love their aesthetic, Laconicum describe it as “ a very contemporary spin on the classic pharmacy look”. Grown Alchemist is the first Australian brand to feature in the collection, their collection boast a high number of antioxidants, vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids, and essential fats.

Around the world with beauty pioneers Laconicum

Every morning for the last few weeks I have been brought to life in the shower thanks to Grown Alchemist’s Pearl, Peppermint and Ylang Ylang Purifying Body Exfoliant. The fragrance in the air when I use this product is sublime, my shower smells amazing and my mind is switched on thanks to the ylang ylang, geranium oil and bergamot. A great exfoliator, my skin felt fabulous for days and it sets me up for a great start to the day.

UK – Argentum Apothecary

If you haven’t heard of Argentum Apothecary, then you should! Founded in the UK in 2011 by Joy Isaacs. The brand focuses on one product in two ways – La Potion Infinie the result of a journey and a dream. The whole idea behind creating the brand  was to produce a cream that would use colloidal silver (a natural antibiotic) in its purest form and work with cutting-edge science, so the brand is part medical, part cosmetic.

Around the world with beauty pioneers LaconicumFrom La Potion Infinie became, La Lotion Infinie. I have tried this and it is just amazing. In a mysterious dark purple, unbranded bottle lies the secret to amazing, firm skin. The formula contains Silver Hydrosol and DNA HP, some of the most expensive raw materials on the market. La Lotion Infinie is an exceptionally hydrating body lotion that “restores skin to a healthy state with this assistance of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties”. I’ve used this daily now, especially after my exfoliator and it has a great firming, hydrating effect. My skin is soft, smooth and feels luxurious. It is an expensive product but it will last you an age and you will look and feel fabulous, what’s not to love?

Poland – Glov

Glov is a unique brand founded in Ewa Dudzic and Monika Zochowska in Poland in 2011. After many years in the laboratory working on the technology, Glov is here, and they have reinvented how we take our makeup off. This might sound crazy but bear with me – it’s one of Laconicum’s founder Anabel’s favourite products.

Around the world with beauty pioneers LaconicumThere are no ingredients, no wacky science bits when it comes to botanicals, the latest super ingredient for removing makeup residue. This is all about Glov’s Hydro Démaquillage Make Up Remover. It cleanses just using water. A white cloth that contains miraculous microfibers, one hundred times finer than human hair. Using lukewarm water you can get better results than using cleansing milk, gel, creams, or anything else in your beauty cabinet. It’s great for sensitive skin and allergy prone skin, quick easy and great for when you are travelling. No more trying to get your beauty products under 100ml to take on the flight!

Take a few moments to explore the Laconicum site; settle down with a cup of your favourite beverage and browse the brands, find products you didn’t know you needed until they graced your screen. It will be worth it for sure and you will get hooked on beautiful brands from around the world, that thanks to Laconicum sharing their secrets, we now know they exist too!

Laconicum | For the pioneers, beauty rebels and curious souls – follow them on twitter and instagram for insight into their amazing world.

What great brands do you use in your beauty regime?  Go on.. share your secrets with us!

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