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L’Oréal Paris Makeup Genius App

Anyone who has been following our little online fashion and lifestyle magazine for a while will know that I’m not a massive beauty buff. To be honest when I read the numerous fashion and lifestyle magazines that arrive each month, I often flick quite fast through the beauty pages. It isn’t really an area that interests me. I don’t spend hours doing my makeup, you’ll be lucky if it takes ten minutes. I do love having my makeup done for events and weddings and the like but on a day to day basis it doesn’t interest me that much.

L’Oréal Paris Makeup Genius App

Well things have changed! I now have a beauty obsession. The newly released L’Oréal Paris Makeup Genius App that you can download for free. This is a great tool to help you plan your ideal makeup look. You can either be in store scanning barcodes and seeing how it would look, on you own face (yes really!) or be in the comfort of your home selecting products and colourways and having a good play from the comfort of your sofa!  The technology originates from the major Hollywood studios and allows you to virtually test L’Oréal products.

loreal paris makeup app

So how does it all work? First of all you take a photo of your face, a relaxed look (make sure the light is good). Then you simply select either the look you want to use or add products separately via barcode scanning or selecting your favourites. This is then magically added onto your face! You can save the image, buy the products from the image and you can share on social media too.

Loreal paris makeup app

What I also love is that there are some pre-programmed Ready-to-Wear looks that you can choose from; whether that be a big blue eye shadow look, pure reds to look like Julianne Moore (before she changed her hair colour!) defined cheekbones or a popular smokey eye look.

Loreal paris makeup app


“We believe that one major trend in the future of beauty lies within the virtual reality experience. The goal is to empower all our consumers around the world with the science to try on any L’Oréal Paris product with just the click of a button and their smartphone.’ Guive Balooch, Global Director of the Connected Beauty Incubator at L’Oréal Research and Innovation


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