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How to clear out your wardrobe ready for the next season

The days are getting longer and in the UK the clocks are about to change. So the question that comes up at this time of year is how to clear out your wardrobe ready for the next season.  I’ve just done a bit of a wardrobe cull myself, in order to make a little more space. Two bin liners full for the charity shop later, I feel a lot clearer in the wardrobe department.

But it doesn’t have to be bye bye clothes, when it comes to changing of seasons.  I’ve not been one to have a winter and summer wardrobe before – because space is tight, budget is tighter and to be honest I like mixing and matching my outfits.  But if you need a solution to making more space in your wardrobe and switching out seasons closes then MakeSpace is the clothing storage solution for you.

However, sad news UK citizens and my much loved NZ and Ozzie readers – this is only available in New York, Chicago and Washington D.C.  I think we all need to rally round and bring MakeSpace to the UK!

How to clear out your wardrobe ready for the next season

That being said, let me explain their great concept.  MakeSpace allows you to pack your up your belongings, take a picture of what is in each box, they store them and when your ready for that box they bring it to you!

How to clear out your wardrobe ready for the next season

It’s like a closet in the cloud!  Just imagine… it’s easy with photos of all your clothes that are in storage available on their website or via their app.  Which means you don’t have to forget about them or pass them on to a new home just to make space for the latest season.  It’s cheaper than storage units and I think is a great way to have more space without forgetting what you have. There’s free pickups, storage boxes included and a same day service – so if you realise your cocktail dress is in the winter wardrobe tucked away in storage, but you need it for the weekend – then MakeSpace have it covered.

As we move into Spring I am so excited about all my pretty summer dresses, I can’t wait to get my legs out and wear skirts to the office again (I don’t do tights) and to wear wedges and sandals again.  One of my favourite looks last Summer was this Kaleidoscope maxi dress with gorgeous jewel details on the neckline.

How to clear out your wardrobe ready for the next season

Remember when the sun did actually shine and we could picnic out in the park! I can’t wait for it to be shorts wearing season and not have to wear a jacket at night.

How to clear out your wardrobe ready for the next season

I will be packing away to winter blanket wraps, thick wool coats and winter boots.  My top tip for this is to make sure that your boots are clean when you pack them away and that they are dry.  This will prevent any damp or mould spores and also mean that you won’t have any stains embedded in them whilst in storage.  Check the pockets of your coats, just in case a spare ten pound note was lurking around or your house keys!

What are you most looking forward to bringing out for the new spring season?

What tips do you have for packing things away?

Please MakeSpace, come to the UK soon! Meanwhile if you are in need of a wardrobe detox, my lovely friend Siobhan is the woman for you – find out more at WellStyled

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