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Making Your Wedding about You

It’s important for every wedding-planning duo to make an effort to not get caught up with all the small details but instead think of what they truly want their big day to communicate – that they love each other so much that they want to commit to each other for the rest of their lives.

But, how do you find that voice of love and devotion in the mass of place settings and flower arrangements? It can be easy if you keep in mind a few simple guidelines and choose the right people to have by your side.

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The Freedom to Choose

While there are some couples getting hitched that adore the traditions associated with a wedding, there are others who would like to try something new. To ensure that the wedding is unique to the two of you – eliminate some traditional elements and replace them with alternative options to suit your style and taste.

For example, are you or your future spouse allergic to flowers? Try using an alternative bouquet material, like brooches or paper fans.

Bored by the idea of a traditional guest book? Thumb prints on a picture or a box in which guests can leave pieces of paper inscribed with marital advice work just as well.

The key to making your wedding comfortable as well as personal is to know what you want and be comfortable asking for it. Be it a rainbow-hued carnival theme, an opulent masquerade black tie affair or a simple backyard barbeque, your wedding day should only include the traditions that work for you.

Alternative Wedding Themes Making Your Wedding about You
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Choose a Venue that Speaks to You

To make this day what you want rather than what is expected, choosing a venue is a key decision. It can not only help determine what type of wedding you’ll be throwing, be it formal or casual, it can also open up options that you never knew you had.

For example, if you are a couple that loves having options, a venue that offers a variety of spaces can give you a multitude of opportunities for photographs and plenty of rooms to host different parts of the event.

But traditional wedding venues aren’t the only option. You can look into nontraditional locations, such as your favourite bar or restaurant, to give your special day a local, homey feel or in a park or botanical garden to have a lush, garden touch. The best place for you is where you feel most comfortable and able to celebrate your new step in life.

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Work with Vendors that Support You

This support and ability to personalize should also be found in the vendors you hire as well. Rather than offering you choices between standards floral arrangements and menus, your vendors should place you in the forefront of every decision.

These vendors – from the caterers to the florist to the DJ – should make it clear that their priorities are ensuring that you and your spouse are happy, not about satisfying a quota or checking off a list of traditions.

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Remember Your Priorities

Even you might feel overwhelmed by seating charts and china patterns, the best way to make sure that your wedding reflects you and your spouse’s personalities is to remember what this day is truly about – to get married.

If you keep in mind that this day is about the love and commitment you and your partner share during the planning process, your wedding day will reflect that love and truly feel like it was designed especially for you two.

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