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Modern and beautiful fans from Khu Khu

This weekend, whilst spending time with my mum for Mother’s Day, we stumbled across some old postcards that my Great Grandmother used to collect when she visited the theatre.  They showed the actors and actresses from the productions and had amazing outfits from the 1920’s.  Something that featured in them was a fan, as a style statement as well as a practical necessity.  It got me wondering why we don’t use them so much these days.

This reminded me of an email I received last week from Victoria Speyer about her new business venture Khu Khu! A new accessories business based in Spain and London. They make modern, exclusive and beautiful fans for social butterflies seeking style and functionality, and they have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to really spread the news about Khu Khu.  The fans are hand made, using modern materials and driven by innovative patterns and prints.

Khu Khu – beautiful fans launched by British entrepreneur

Founded by Victoria Speyer, a London Arts graduate now living in Valencia and inspired by three years living in Southern Spain, Khu Khu fuses sleek modern designs with beautiful, traditional Spanish craftsmanship and really packs a punch in the style department.

Modern and beautiful fans from Khu Khu

Khu Khu Founder Victoria Speyer

Victoria explains how the idea came about: “I came up with the idea while living in Andalucía, an incredibly hot place. Surrounded by fan shops, it dawned on me what a fantastic accessory they are: innately beautiful, handy and of course, super useful”.  But despite being surrounded by fan shops, Victoria didn’t buy a single one.  They lacked the colour, style and link to today’s fashion trends that Victoria was also desiring as well as a rest from the heat.  So if you can’t find what you need, why not design it!

Modern and beautiful fans from Khu Khu

From now until Thursday 24th March 2016, you can buy limited edition fans throughout the crowdfunding campaign with Kickstarter. Khu Khu are engraving fifty of one design from each of the sub-collections –  BLOW ME from the STATEMENT collection, ‘THE FLAMINGO’ from ¡Tropicana! “THE MACAW” from “Painted Pleasure” and ‘RED KITE” from Feathered Beauty. There’s lot of different ways to invest in a piece of fashion history just check out the campaign.

Modern and beautiful fans from Khu Khu

Innovative designs re-define the intricate lines of the fan, with modern production techniques and prints from contemporary artists and designers. Victoria created Khu Khu to address a definitive gap in the UK and Spanish fan-making markets for beautiful hand fans representative of fashion and art today. You can hear all about it from Victoria through the video on the Kickstarter site.

Modern and beautiful fans from Khu Khu

This is the perfect opportunity to pre-order something unique, cool (literally) and party perfect that will arrive just in time for Summer and to be part of something memorable in today’s fast fashion era.  Get your orders in now as prices will increase once plans are finalised for production.  Get in there nice and early for a piece of something new! All fans come beautifully packaged with bespoke box, bag and care label and are 100% made in Spain.

Modern and beautiful fans from Khu Khu

Here’s the collection in action with an awesome Latino themed video from the team at Khu Khu.

Khu Khu plans to reinvigorate interest in hand fans, by offering modern, contemporary and beautiful designs which will put fans back on the map as today’s must-have accessory.

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