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Spring Trends with Kaleidoscope | Blogger Expert

This month in my role as Blogger Expert with Kaleidoscope, I am testing out the spring trends. I know it’s not quite warm enough yet but I am getting ready for those clocks springing forward and for longer days and a glimpse of sunshine.

I’m currently working on transitioning my wardrobe through to spring. Here are a few of my spring time transition tips;

  • It’s time to ditch the big winter coats. For spring I like to don a blazer with the sleeves rolled up and I layer up.
  • The temperature is always fluctuating so layers are the way to go. I will ditch the winter boots and start embracing colour flats to wear with my bistro crop trousers.
  • Print is a great way to liven up the wardrobe for spring

I’m embracing the Spring Trends with Kaleidoscope in my outfit selection this month.

Spring Trends with Kaleidoscope

Bright floral print kimono

This is a little out of my comfort zone. I love print but I’m not a big floral kinda girl. But the kimono can be great at aiding the transition through spring with layering. It’s an alternative to a jacket and can really add depth to your outfit. Loose layers are the way to lighten the look for spring. I think this will be a mainstay in my wardrobe this season teamed with simple, plain teeshirts and vest tops; to allow the colours to pop on their own.
Bright Floral Print Kimono, Kaleidoscope £35

Peg trousers

A key trend this season. Difficult for some body types but I wanted to road test them out. I love wearing trousers to the office and think these will be great for SS15. Plus I have to say, the elasticated waist at the back of the trousers allows for a great fit. It also means when the weather gets a bit warmer and my body temperature rises a little (our office is very warm!) I will still be comfortable in the trousers as the day wears on.  This style is new to me.  I’m more of a cigarette, bistro crop kinda girl.  I’m not sure they suit my body shape fully but they are comfy!
Peg Trousers, Kaleidoscope £29

Spring Trends with Kaleidoscope

Embellished leaf top

This is all about the blue. A pale blue is perfect for the spring palette. Pastels are still in and with a touch of embellishment adding a depth and texture; giving a strength to spring. Not normally a style I would go for but I love the colour and the sheerness of the upper part of the shell top.
Embellished Leaf Top, Kaleidoscope, £39

Spring Trends with Kaleidoscope

Spring/Summer 15 Trends

Here’s my tips on what is hot for the new fashion season.

  1. Monochrome is still key. Mixing white into my wardrobe is a new thing for me this season (stain remover is at hand!).
  2. White with blue is new for SS15, a great way to smarten up your work wardrobe and make a statement.
  3. Gingham is in. I’m keen to try a gingham print dress. I just need to find the right one so its more “on Trend”, less “grannies tablecloth”!

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