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Swimsuit Styles to Flatter Your Body Shape

Every girl wants to make sure she looks her most fabulous self on the beach. While we all preen ourselves to perfection to get our body bikini ready, the fact remains that, despite our best efforts, some bikinis and swimsuits only suit certain body shapes.

Swimsuit Styles to Flatter Your Body Shape

From bandeaus and halter necks to high-waist briefs and tankinis, the high street is filled with swimwear of all styles but how do you choose the right swimwear to suit your body shape? Swimwear specialists at have shared their essential swimwear style guide, helping you choose the perfect swimwear that will both flatter and compliment your body shape this summer…


If you’re athletic…

Despite being lucky to have a toned and slender bod, you may still struggle to find flattering swimwear! Athletic body shapes are best avoiding bandeau styles in favour of bust enhancing halter necks. To add the illusion of curves, choose bikinis that feature ruffled detailing around the hips.


If you’re bigger on top…

If you have a larger chest then to make sure your figure gets the flattering fit it deserves by choosing bikinis that have supportive wiring under the cups. Pick the right size to ensure the bikini top fits you comfortably and opt for wide-apart straps for extra support. Any bikini bottoms that feature details such as embellishment or ties will draw attention away from your top half.


Pear shapes…

Petite on top with feminine hips, the pear shape is one of the most common body types. To balance out your body, boost your curves with swimwear that features detailing on the top half. Bikini bottoms that feature waist detail such as tied sides will divert attention from your hips and bottom – Click here for an example of perfect pear shape swimwear.


Apple Shapes…

If the majority of your weight is carried on your waist then you are a classic apple shape. To visually lessen the depth of your stomach, emphasise your bust by pushing it upwards and forwards with an underwired or padded bikini top. Alternatively, opt for a one piece swimsuit, which will help create the illusion of a flatter stomach. Supported women’s swimsuits are also a great alternative to add extra support and shaping on the beach.


If you’re pregnant…

If you are enjoying a pre-baby holiday this summer, even though your figure will have changed, there is a huge array of stylish maternity swimwear designed to flatter your blossoming shape. A maternity swimsuit or tankini will show off your baby bump which will make everything else look smaller as a result!


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