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What To Wear When You Meet The Parents For The First Time

Are you about to meet your partner’s parents for the first time? Meeting the family can be exciting and nerve wracking. You have enough on your mind – worrying about first impressions and conversation topics – you shouldn’t have to fuss about your outfit as well.

What we wear makes a significant impression. So while you’re memorising Mother’s hobbies and Father’s interests, spend a bit of time assembling an outfit that will show your partner’s parents who you are (in the best possible way).

What To Wear To Meet The Parents For The First Time

5 things to consider when choosing your outfit:

1. Wear a slightly more conservative version of what you normally wear

Instead of your favourite concert or branded t-shirt and a leather jacket, what about a nice Linen longsleeved tee and a blazer ? Instead of ripped boyfriend jeans, how about some cute chinos? You certainly don’t need to don a ‘Suitable Girlfriend’ costume; wear something that reflects your personality, just a slightly more parent-friendly version.

what to wear to meet the parents

If you’re not sure about your outfit, err on the side of conservative and covered up. It’s much better for your partner’s parents to think you’re polite and proper!

2. Avoid garish colour pairings

We all love colour blocking and the odd pop of neon, but perhaps this is not the occasion to pair leopard print and lime green. Bright, saturated colours are lovely – when they’re paired with more sedate neutrals.

what to wear when you meet the parents

Here’s two cute suggestions from British brand – Hush

3. Consider what you’ll be doing + where you’ll be going

Are you going to their house, where you’ll probably remove your shoes? If you are, make sure you’re wearing nice socks and that you have a fresh pedicure. Will you be taking the dogs for a hike? Leave the heels at home. Are you going to a lovely, upscale restaurant or to his parents golf club? Double check if they have a dress code.

what to wear to meet the parents

4. Leave the strong perfume at home

I love nothing so much as a good spray of Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum, but this might not be the right time for it. People have allergies and sensitivities. Scent is strongly linked to memory and you’d hate to arrive smelling like your partner’s mother’s least favourite co-worker!

5. Extra credit: ask your partner for input

Your partner knows their parents better than anyone, they’ll be able to steer you in the right direction. Maybe his mother collects brooches, so you can go ahead and wear your favourite one. Maybe his father has a bias against women with tattoos; you can wear a blazer and keep yours hidden for now.
With just a bit of thought, you’ll have an outfit that showcases who you are – in the most parent-friendly way possible.

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