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Weddings | DIY Photo Booth

So our wedding date is set, 28th May 2016. The venue is booked, it’s a secret but it’s in Hampshire in the South of England. The registrar is booked for the date and to be honest it’s 566 days away as I write this so I’m not planning on doing very much more before we get into 2015.

DIY Photo Booth

One thing I do know, is that we will have a photo booth at the wedding. This is a hugely popular thing to do these days as a fun activity for guests throughout the event and a great memento for the newley-weds. You can get great photo booth companies to come in and run them for you, such as The Photo Emporium who I met at Brides The Show last year.

But it can be a costly affair and that is why last month, I took it upon myself to create a great photo booth of my own for my best friend Becky and her now husband Al, otherwise known as The Ffrench’s.

DIY wedding photobooth

It was super fun actually. I used a vintage suitcase my mum had found at home, I gathered a few fancy dress items that I already had and then I ordered online some great props.

DIY wedding photobooth

You can have a lovely sign made encouraging guests to take part, you can personalise it and have it in your wedding colours, here’s one I found on Amazon.

DIY wedding photobooth

Another fun thing is to have a giant polaroid style surround that you can have guests write messages on to add a real personal touch to your collection.

DIY wedding photobooth

All in all it’s great fun, gets everyone involved and you can really have some great memories. Either enlist one of the bridal party, or a friend to take control of the camera or set up a tripod and the self timer and let the guests do their thing.

DIY wedding photobooth

I uploaded the photos taken to to make an awesome photo book for my friends and it means they have them all in one place to browse through whenever they want a giggle!

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